Attitude of Gratitude – Day 3 – Hope and Fellow Travelers along the Way


Today I a grateful for hope — the hope I get from other people’s journey along the way of life and the way of God.

The world can be a harsh place.  We read and see and hear each day about the struggle of so many throughout the world.  It can overwhelm us, make us feel like we don’t know where to begin to help.  So we retreat.  It’s easier to read about the latest celebrity antics or fashion trend or sports news than to deal with the harsh realities of our world.

But, in my line of work, I get to read all sorts of things.  Hopeful things.  Stories about ordinary people and groups of people joining together to make a difference.  People who light candles instead of curse the darkness.  People who take the risk of throwing that one pebble into the stillness of the lake, trusting the ripples will go out to places they can’t even see.  I read these stories and it gives me hope.  It makes me want to get up once again and work for peace, and justice, and forgiveness, and reconciliation.  These people embody Christ for me.  They are the light that the darkness cannot extinguish.

Today, I read about a group of people who are forming a Circle of Protection around the poor of our country.  They are joining their voices together to protect those among us who have no voice.  All they ask for is a signature, to stand with them in that Circle of Protection. Here’s the link:

Circle of Protection

I am grateful for the voices of fellow travelers along the way — that includes you!



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