Attitude of Gratitude: Day 4 – Radical Generosity


Today I am grateful for radical generosity.  The kind of generosity that changes lives.  That is what I experienced today. A little backstory…….

Last summer, Doug and the girls and I traveled to Ghana in West Africa to meet the people in  the Diocese of Kumasi, the companion diocese to Western Massachusetts, where Doug is bishop.   It was a life changing experience for me.  One particular experience really impacted me.  That was visiting the Women’s Vocational Center (see earlier blogposts for more info.)  This place takes women who would otherwise live lives of extreme poverty and teaches them a skill — seamstress work, or hairdressing or catering.   What I loved about this program was that by lifting these women out of poverty, you save their children as well.  They needed money to build a new teaching kitchen so they could accept more students.  Their goal was $30,000.  I decided it was my goal, too.

So I spoke at the Diocesan Convention for Western Mass and invited people to tie their joy to the joy of these women.  I told them the bishop had pledged $5000 from his discretionary fund.  All we needed was 500 people to give $50 each, and we could build that kitchen.  I shared my goal with my friends and family.  I wrote an article about it for the Springfield Republican, the local newspaper in Springfield, MA.  I encouraged people to give donations in loved ones’ names as Christmas gifts.

This morning I found out we have raised $20,372 — 2/3rds of the way there!!!!  And that is because over 70 donors decided to tie their joy to the joy of these young women.  Some gave less than $50.  Some gave so much more.  But all gave what they could.  And their radical generosity has helped us get ever so much closer to realizing a dream.

The picture above is a picture of our daughters, Caragh and Grace, with two of the girls who are students at the Vocational Center.  As they stand side by side, you see they are the same — young, beautiful girls with hopes and dreams.  But the world has been much kinder to our daughters.  And I know God wants that kindness for all of God’s children.  70 donors decided to make sure these girls experience that kindness.  That blows me away.

if you would like to help us reach our goal, click on this link to make a donation:

Women’s Vocational Center

Or mail a donation to :

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, 37 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA 01103

I am so grateful for your radical generosity!

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