Attitude of Gratitude: Day 16 — Intentionality



Today I am grateful for intentionality. More specifically, I am grateful for the intentionality of this blog.  When I decided to do these 30 Days of Gratitude, I intentionally chose January because of how long the winters are here in New England and how difficult it can be when the cold sets in and the days are so short.  I thought I would do this to help people stay positive and keep the focus on the good around them.

Little did I know I would be writing these posts for me!  Today is another in a long string of grey days.  I long for the sunshine.  And any other January, I would have let the grey get to me.  But knowing I needed to write this blog each day has kept me faithful and on the lookout for the good things in my midst.  It has allowed me to see so much that would have escaped me without the intentionality of being grateful.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative, in what’s missing, what’s not going our way.  It takes intentionality to stay focused on the goodness that is all around us.  Gratitude is the key to recognizing that goodness.  Today I am grateful for that awareness.

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